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Free Walking Tour Utrecht

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Booking A Tour FAQ

When do the tours run?2024-05-21T11:18:49+00:00

Every day at 13:30 (1:30pm) and sometimes at 10:30 am (Check website)

Can I leave before the tour ends?2017-08-01T14:39:41+00:00

Sure you can. You’re free to join and free to leave. We only ask you to let your guide know so we don’t have to look for you.

How long do the tour last and where does it end?2024-05-21T11:35:43+00:00

The tour takes about 2 hours and we end up back at Dom Toren, or close by – that way you won’t get lost!

How far will we be walking?2017-08-01T15:39:17+00:00

From start to end, it will be a little over 3 km or about 2 miles.

So how do you guys make money?2017-08-01T14:29:14+00:00

The only source of income the guides have is the tips that generous people think that they’re worth after having taken the awesome tour. We don’t get sponsored by the city or anyone else. Any tip is accepted of course, in this way, anyone can join no matter what your travel budget is.

What is The Free Tour system?2018-05-30T13:49:10+00:00

This is the title given to tours that work on a donation basis (at the end you can give the guide what you feel the tour was worth). In our small company, we are confident enough to let you decide the value of the tour. You can not get a fairer system and this ensures that our guides give their best service every tour.

Is there a maximum number of people allowed on the tour?2024-05-21T11:19:37+00:00

We like to keep the groups small, allowing a MAXIMUM of 25 people or less  So if you want to be sure to join the tour and book a spot on our website right away.

Do you stop for any breaks?2017-08-01T14:34:07+00:00

The duration of the tour is around 2 hours so we don’t stop for any break. We can make a quick toilet break if anyone needs to. We don’t stop for food or drinks.

What languages are the tours given in?2017-08-01T15:40:08+00:00

We now give all the tours in English.

Is the tour route wheelchair accessible?2017-08-01T15:40:00+00:00

Yes, some areas have stairs, but it’s possible to go around them.

What will see on the Free Tour?2024-05-21T11:32:24+00:00

 In under 2 hours in Utrecht, we aim to show you:

  • The Dom Toren (Bell Tower) & DomUnder
  • The Pope’s House & Statue
  • Old Canals, Locks, Wharves and Landings
  • Historic Churches (St. Martin’s / St. Peter’s / St. John’s / St. Willibrord)
  • Post Utrecht / Neude Square / Rabbit Statue
  • Winkel van Sinkel / Old City Hall
  • 2000-year-old Roman ruins
  • Our most famous resident: Miffy / Nijntje!

and so much more…..

Meeting point: Dom Tower
Daily tours
Duration: 2 hours

Join Our Free Tour And Experience Utrecht Like A Local!

Is this your first time in Utrecht or are you a local and do you want to know what you have been missing out on all this time? Make the most out of your stay and join us on one of the Free Walking Tours in Utrecht. During 2 hours our local guides will take you on a journey through Utrecht tell you about the history, and hidden gems, and give you tips on where to go next in this beautiful city!

Ever wanted to know where the top of the Dom Tower would land if it fell over, wanted to hug a lifesize Miffy, have a beer in a hidden church or would you like to know how to not get run over by one of the thousands of cyclists that pass you in Utrecht every day? You’ll find out this and more things on our Free Walking Tour.

This tour is for free and everyone can join! If you enjoyed the tour and the guide did an awesome job, you can decide what it was worth to you and show your appreciation with a tip/donation. This way the guides are eager to educate and entertain you in the best possible way and the quality of the free walking tour only gets better and better over time.

Famous Dom Tower

The Dom Tower is the highest churchtower from the Netherlands and the tallest building from Utrecht

Sint Maartens Bridge

The oldest brick bridge, crossing the canal. In the old days the place where markets were held, today the perfect place for a selfie.

Bike Tour

#1 Bike city from the Netherlands, Even the professors hop on their bike!


Let me introduce our tour guides!


Hey, I’m Gerben and I would love to show you around in Utrecht!

Utrecht is a very beautiful place, it is one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands. Yet it is a lot quieter than Amsterdam. I was born in the east of the Netherlands, but I moved here because of my studies. I never regretted this decision; it is a wonderful city with a rich history. In Utrecht you will never be bored.

I hope you will join me in one of my tours around Utrecht, and maybe you will fall in love with this great city as well. In my opinion following a free walking tour is the best way to discover a city. Even as a local, you can learn a lot from the tours I give.


I’m Jeffrey, a US/UK expat who now calls Utrecht home after a lifetime of travel and storytelling.  I’m a teacher during the year but I’m also a writer and an artist with a special fascination with this medieval township.  My neighbors are my stories: I live near the Dom so my stories about colorful locals from days past help me weave a tapestry about the history of this fine city – so near and dear to my heart.  I’m a chatty sort, and I love getting to know my guests so I can put together the best tour possible for our time together.  Tourists will appreciate my energetic and theatrical presentation of these Utrecht legends, and I’m honored to be able to present them.


My name is Marjolein and I have been a tour guide in our lovely city for more than two years now! Rain or shine, I always have a good time pointing out our famous landmarks and sharing my knowledge of the city.

I am a Dutch high school history teacher so I love to talk about all the past stories, important events, and simple beauty Utrecht has to offer. There is such a variety of interesting tales to tell – nice ones, sad ones and exciting ones! It’s not unusual to see me under our big white umbrella, so I’m looking forward to seeing you on a Utrecht Free Walking Tour sometime soon!


Bart is perhaps our most versatile tour guide. He started his career in finance but quickly discovered this was not compatible with him having a personality.
He has since been on stage in the biggest comedy clubs in The Netherlands and loves to mix education with a healthy dose of humor. He knows a lot about the history of Utrecht but also thinks a lot about the future of the city. He lives in town with his brother and teaches in the off-season. In his free time, he likes to play guitar, do yoga, and try to keep his 100+ houseplants alive. Rumor has it that he’s the lost great-grandson of Vincent van Gogh, so join him for a walk through beautiful Utrecht and see if the rumors are true!


Hi, I’m Tim van der Heiden, and I’ve been a Dutch guide for more than 3 years now. I moved to Utrecht more than 10 years ago to study history at the university and fell in love with the city. Seeing the Dom Tower as I walk out of my house never fails to bring a smile to my face!  After my studies, I became a high school history teacher as well as a tour guide for the Free Walking Tours! Sharing my knowledge and telling the stories of this city is my passion, and I love seeing the smiles on my guests’ faces as we walk around this ancient town.  Aside from my love for Utrecht and history, I’m an avid lacrosse player and even part of the national team!



Dear all, My name is Froukje. Froukje is probably the most Dutch name you will hear during your stay here in the Netherlands! Originally my name comes from the North, but I was raised in a town in between Amsterdam and Utrecht. I fell in love with Utrecht and I decided Utrecht was going to be the city, where I wanted to study law. I have now been living here for a few years and I am still very enthusiastic about all the nice courts and squares that Utrecht has to offer. I would love to tell you stories about some of the events that took place in Utrecht and some crazy things that happened here.

After spending the full afternoon with me, hopefully, you will start loving Utrecht as much as I do!


My name is Ruud and I have lived in Utrecht for more than 50 years in 8 different neighborhoods, so I can tell many stories about this vibrant city.  I was born and raised in Amsterdam until I was sixteen so when I compare both cities now I can tell you – Come to Utrecht!

As a career, I worked as a stage director in many theatres all around Utrecht, but I can tell you the city itself is the nicest stage! When you walk with me I can show you historical buildings and famous landmarks, but also nice hidden places too.  I will also tell you highlights from the history of here and stories of the common people, not just the leaders. Let’s have a fine walk together today in the Dom City!

Tour Lisa 3 best


Hi, my name is Lisa and I would love to take you on a walk through my favorite city, Utrecht!

Originally I am not from Utrecht but I grew up in the south of the country.  During my studies at Utrecht University, I fell in love with the vibrant city, her beautiful canals, the Dom Tower, the people, and the history, and decided to stay. I’ve been a proud inhabitant of this beautiful city for over ten years now.  I have traveled the world a lot, and joined the free walking tours in a lot of different cities – I was even a guide myself at times!  Now I’m a guide in my own city and for the last two years as a guide for Free Walking Tours Utrecht.  I can’t wait to share all my favorite stories and places with you!


Hi, my name is Wessel and I have been in Utrecht since my birth here in the sixties. In addition to working as a bartender, and in the IT industry I have also traveled extensively worldwide. I have always enjoyed native guides and their stories as they provide good explanations of the local history, customs, and secrets.
Let me show you my unique city of Utrecht, from its early growth to its present state.  The city has a thriving cultural life so the town is filled with students, bicycles, historic buildings, and picturesque canals. I am proud of my town and I believe knowing the past is essential to understanding the present and serves as an inspiration for the future.


When I studied I choose Utrecht as my student town. Utrecht is a great city for students it has lots of bars, festivals and other options for students. I have since moved out of Utrecht but I am still in love with the city.

I became a tour guide in Utrecht some years ago and I am one of the first guides of Free Walking Tour in Utrecht. I really love to show people around the Dom City because of the unique stories that this town has.

Also, a local guide is a great way to discover the many hidden gems this town has. A lot of people make a one-day trip to Utrecht which I think is not enough time, there is a way to much to discover. Utrecht is a very Dutch town, far more than Amsterdam at this point.

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