#1 Free Walking Tour

Is this your first time in Utrecht or are you a local and do you want to know what you have been missing out on all this time? Make the most out of your stay and join us on one of the Free Walking Tours in Utrecht. During 2 hours our local guides will take you on a journey through Utrecht and tell you about the history, hidden gems and give you tips on where to go next in this beautiful city! 

Ever wanted to know where the top of the Dom Tower will land if it fell over, wanted to hug a lifesize Miffy, have a beer in a hidden church or would you like to know how to not get run over by one of the ten-thousands cyclists that pass you in Utrecht every day? This and many more things you will find out on our Free Walking Tour. 

This tour is for free and everyone can join! If you enjoyed the tour and the guide did an awesome job, you can decide what it was worth to you and show your appreciation with a tip/donation. This way the guides are eager to educate and entertain you on the best possible way and the quality of the free walking tour gets better and better.


Meeting Point @ DomTower


Reasons To Join Our Free Tour!

With every tour we will show you the best that Utrecht has to offer! Within 2 hours you will walk through Utrecht and see everything trough the eys of a local. Join us on the next free walking tour. 

  • Every stop during the tour is carefully picked by us.
  • Tip-Based tours, you decide the price!
  • Best Rated tour 5 out of 5 stars on Tripadvisor!
  • It is the best way to start your Utrecht city trip

Tour Reviews

  • Utrecht is a really nice city but this walking tour really made it interesting. They tell you about old history and new stories as well. It was a nice way of getting to see some other parts in the city you might not walk to if you are only there on a short visit. Plus it’s free and the tour guides are really enthusiastic about what they do.

    Solo Traveller
  • Within 2 hours the guide showed us Utrecht with original and inspiring stories. We even got some good tips afterwards which really helped us to make the most of our trip. Well deserved 5 stars!

    Couple Traveller
  • Great way to see and learn about the city! We came with a group of 10, which wasn’t a problem at all. Very informative with a little humour, one of the best free tours so far 🙂

    Group Traveller

Video of our Free Walking Tour in Utrecht

Let me introduce to you, our tour guides!


Tour Guide

Hey! My name is Lucas and i’m excited to show you around in my city!

My passion is to connect people and i found that in giving tours and letting you experience this city.
There is a lot to see and do in Utrecht and i can help you make the best out of your trip here.
Let me show you our rich history, best places and finest restaurants. All with a good Laugh and a lot of fun!

If the weather allows it we can even play a few games while walking around.
When taking my tour you will recognize me by the big white and orange umbrella and also my orange hair 😉
Hope to see you soon!



Tour Guide

Hey, I’m Gerben and I would love to show you around in Utrecht!

Utrecht is a very beautiful place, it is one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands. Yet it is a lot quieter than Amsterdam. I was born in the east of the Netherlands, but I moved here because of my studies. I never regretted this decision; it is a wonderful city with a rich history. In Utrecht you will never be bored.

I hope you will join me in one of my tours around Utrecht, and maybe you will fall in love with this great city as well. In my opinion following a free walking tour is the best way to discover a city. Even as a local, you can learn a lot from the tours I give.


Tour Guide

When I studied I choose Utrecht as my student town. Utrecht is a great city for students it has lots of bars, festivals and other options for students. I have moved out of Utrecht afterward bud am still always in love with the city.

I became a tour guide in Utrecht two years ago and am one of the first guides of Free Walking tour Utrecht. I really love to show people around Utrecht because of the unique stories that this town has.

Also, a local guide is a great way to discover the many hidden gems this town has. A lot of people make a one-day trip to Utrecht witch I think is not enough there is a way to mutch to discover. Utrecht is a very Dutch town. Way more as for example Amsterdam. So if you want to have a local escape please go to Utrecht joins my tour.

So book your spot and hopefully I can show you around this great city I love so much!



Tour Guide

Dear all, My name is Froukje. Froukje is probably the most Dutch name you will hear during your stay here in the Netherlands! Originally my name comes from the North, but I was raised in a town in between Amsterdam and Utrecht. I fell in love with Utrecht and I decided Utrecht was going to be the city, where I wanted to study law. I have now been living here for a few years and I am still very enthusiastic about all the nice courts and squares that Utrecht has to offer. I would love to tell you stories about some of the events that took place in Utrecht and some crazy things that happened here.

After spending the full afternoon with me, hopefully, you will start loving Utrecht as much as I do!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the tour really free?

The tour is tip-based which means you get to decide what it is worth! At the end of the tour you are given the opportunity to thank and tip the guide for the awesome time you had.

By using this system it does not matter how big or small your travel budget is, you can always come join us and enjoy the tour.

Which language will you speak during the tour?

The free walking tours are given in English. If your english vocabulary is not that big, feels free to ask us to speak slowly or repeat something. Next to that it is also possible to book a private tour in Spanish or in Dutch.

What is the starting point and end point?

The tour starts and ends at the same poin so you don’t get lost! It does not matter where you are in Utrecht, from everywhere you are you can see it and everyone can give you directions: The Dom Tower. At this square were it all started hundreds year ago our tour will start and end.

How long will we be walking?

During the 2 hour tour we will travel a distance from about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles for our american friends) so make sure to bring your walking shoes.

How do I recognize the tour guide?

The guide will be standing at Domsquare holding a white unfolded umbrella, so it is easy to spot him or her!

Is there a maximum number of people that can join the tour?

There is not really a maximum number of people that can join, but we noticed that the personal experience of the tour goes down if there are more than 20-25 people. Therefore we would like you to book a spot so we now how many guides to schedule for the tour and we can split up the group if necessary and everyone gets that personal experience he or she is looking for!

Are there any breaks during the free walking tour?

There is no scheduled break during the tour but we are really flexible, for example if it is really hot outside we can have a small water break in the shade!

Can I leave during the tour?

Ofcourse you are free to go whenever you like! If you want to leave we do appreciate it when you let the guide know because next to telling awesome stories about Utrecht he also tries to keep the group together, so if someone goes missing the group might be waiting for you.

I am running late can the guide wait for me?

We are Dutch and one of the best or worst qualities from the Dutchies is that we are always on time. The tour starts at 13:30 and unfortunately we can not keep the group waiting, it is in our nature.

But if you are only a couple of minutes late you are lucky, the first two stories are on Domsquare so just look for the group and the guide with the white umbrella, feel free to join!