The Tour

Is this your first time in Utrecht or are you a local and do you want to know what you have been missing out on all this time? Make the most out of your stay and join us on one of the Free Walking Tours in Utrecht. During 2 hours our local guides will take you on a journey through Utrecht and tell you about the history, hidden gems and give you tips on where to go next in this beautiful city! 

Ever wanted to know where the top of the Dom Tower will land if it fell over, wanted to hug a lifesize Miffy, have a beer in a hidden church or would you like to know how to not get run over by one of the ten-thousands cyclists that pass you in Utrecht every day? Join the tour and find out!

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 13:30

Start Time

We start at 13:30

Reasons To Join Our Tour!

With every tour we will show you the best that Utrecht has to offer! Within 2 hours you will walk through Utrecht and see everything trough the eys of a local. Join us on the next free walking tour. 

  • Every stop during the tour is carefully picked by us.
  • Tip-Based tours, you decide the price!
  • Best Rated tour 5 out of 5 stars on Tripadvisor!
  • It is the best way to start your Utrecht city trip

Tour Reviews

  • Utrecht is a really nice city but this walking tour really made it interesting. They tell you about old history and new stories as well. It was a nice way of getting to see some other parts in the city you might not walk to if you are only there on a short visit. Plus it’s free and the tour guides are really enthusiastic about what they do.

    Solo Traveller
  • Within 2 hours the guide showed us Utrecht with original and inspiring stories. We even got some good tips afterwards which really helped us to make the most of our trip. Well deserved 5 stars!

    Couple Traveller
  • Great way to see and learn about the city! We came with a group of 10, which wasn’t a problem at all. Very informative with a little humour, one of the best free tours so far 🙂

    Group Traveller

Let me introduce to you, our tour guides!


Tour Guide

For a South American living in The Netherlands for 8 years, came to Utrecht not knowing what to expect and the result was this magical city that keeps surprising me with its pretty spots, small alleys, gorgeous architecture and very rich history… It’s hard not to fall in love.

I want to share my love for this city with the Free Walking Tours and walk visitors from all over, tell great stories and a much of the Dutch Culture in one of its prettiest places: Utrecht.

Love meeting people and share experiences with travellers and as one I’ve been a huge fan of this type of “tip based” tours because is my way to start my trip to new (and already known) places when I visit, first activity: find this walking tours and get lost.


Tour Guide

Originally form Harderwijk, and when I had the chance I directly chose to study in Utrecht. I fell in love with the city! There is so much to tell, the long history, the biking culture, Nijntje or Miffy, and a lot more great stories and that all combined with the bursting nightlife of this student capital from the Netherlands. Utrecht is my town!
Utrecht is also great for a Free walking tour, because of all history and the small hidden gems that are around the city centre. The wharf cellars (will explain at the tour) and the best and small bars that you can only find with a local friend.

Join me on your next visit to Utrecht and I will share my love for the city with you!

So go ahead book a tour and we will discover de best sights and stories of, Utrecht!


Tour Guide

I grew up in a small town called Ermelo which is 30 min. from Utrecht, when I went to college I decided to live in Utrecht and I forgot to leave. About 12 years later I gained a lot of knowledge about Utrecht and would love to take you on a tour! I can show you the canals, wharfcellars and ofcourse the famous domtower. Ofcourse experiencing the history of the city is important but I would also show you where you can get the best cheese, rent a canoe and how we locals spend our time in this beautifull city!

Coffeeshop specialist100%
Local knowledge84%
Lost Surfer100%

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the tour really free?

The tour is tip-based which means you get to decide what it is worth! At the end of the tour you are given the opportunity to thank and tip the guide for the awesome time you had.

By using this system it does not matter how big or small your travel budget is, you can always come join us and enjoy the tour.

Which language will you speak during the tour?

The free walking tours are given in English. If your english vocabulary is not that big, feels free to ask us to speak slowly or repeat something. Next to that it is also possible to book a private tour in Spanish or in Dutch.

What is the starting point and end point?

The tour starts and ends at the same poin so you don’t get lost! It does not matter where you are in Utrecht, from everywhere you are you can see it and everyone can give you directions: The Dom Tower. At this square were it all started hundreds year ago our tour will start and end.

How long will we be walking?

During the 2 hour tour we will travel a distance from about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles for our american friends) so make sure to bring your walking shoes.

How do I recognize the tour guide?

The guide will be standing at Domsquare holding a white unfolded umbrella, so it is easy to spot him or her!