Unearth 2000 Years of Buried Dutch History

DomUnder Utrecht

A voyage through time awaits beneath the cobblestones!

Dig Into The Past: An Archeologist’s Dream

When you step down in the DOMunder exhibition, be sure to turn on your interactive flashlight, it’s the key to unlocking its secrets. As you descend under the medieval streets of Utrecht into the dark archeological site, an underground world is revealed. Your special torchlight illuminates a large, subterranean museum, explaining the city’s 2000-year evolution from Roman fortress to Renaissance treasure. Your beam also animates certain exhibits, spotlights important historical features and reveals ancient artifacts right where they were discovered years ago.

Wander amidst colossal Gothic pillars—the remnants of a mighty cathedral. These huge columns once supported the enormous Church of Saint Martin with its famous bell tower, which was a religious beacon that defined the city. Now they stand in silent testimony to old-world craftsmanship, undisturbed for centuries. Imagine the bustling medieval square above as you stand among these stone giants and you’ll understand the historic heart of the city firsthand.

Brace yourself for a visceral experience. Witness the destructive force that toppled the church during a rare tornado in 1674 and see nature’s fury firsthand. Touch the weathered stone, hear the roar of the wind, see the flashes of lightning, and feel the history of Utrecht come to life before your very eyes!

Dom Under Entrance
Artifacts on display Dom Under
Dom Under Utrecht

DOMunder Ticket Prices

  • Children aged 0 to 3 years: Free.
  • Children aged 4 to 12 years: €5.50.
  • Children aged 13 to 17 years: €11.00.
  • Adults General Admission : €11.00.
  • Students (w/ID) Seniors (+65) : €7.50.
  • Museumkaart: Not Accepted

Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 4:30pm

Getting There

By Foot or Bike : The museum is just a ten-minute walk from Utrecht Centraal if you stroll through the mall or a five-minute bicycle ride from the back of the station.

By Public Transport : The #2 bus, which leaves from Centraal Station platform “A”, stops at the nearby Dom Toren (Bell Tower) and from there it’s a 3-minute walk.

By Car : Not recommended. Public parking is extremely limited in the city center with only a few metered spots. Use the Springweg Parking Garage and it’s a 10-minute walk to the venue.

Address : Domplein 4, Utrecht, 3512JC Tel: 030 233 9999

A New Secret Palace Discovered: Paleis Lofen

Lofen Palace is Utrecht’s newest historical attraction that takes you back to the 12th century when Emperor Henry V granted Utrecht its city rights in 1122. Although a fire devastated the original palace in 1253, its remnants are still in the cellars beneath #16 Domplein and #18 Vismarkt.  As you explore the hidden corridors of the ruin, you’ll find yourself in the heart of Utrecht’s medieval history. But the ruins are small and candidly not too impressive.

One brochure says ‘Paleis Lofen is not just a tour; it’s an immersive adventure that brings the story of Utrecht’s transformation into a city to life’. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but for history buffs it’s an interesting experience.  However as a family destination or for tourists with a limited timeframe, one could probably skip this attraction – as there isn’t much here – as opposed to the super fun DOMunder nearby!



The video above shows a 2000 year time lapse of the Domplein

This trailer briefly shows the DOMunder experience.