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Utrecht University’s Floral Symphony: .A Living Concert of Life and Color

On the edge of town the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens (Dutch: Botanische Tuinen Universiteit Utrecht) stands as a serene haven for nature lovers. Even though it’s located in the industrial Science Park, it’s still a world away from the bustling city and offers a verdant oasis for all to enjoy. Spanning nearly a million square feet, this educational facility offers a captivating glimpse into the world of Dutch plant diversity, ecology, and agriculture. On any given day you’ll find research students, gardeners, photographers, artists, farmers, biologists, retirees, curious tourists, and even romantic couples here – all admiring the exquisite colorful landscape. Everybody loves the gardens!

12 Settings Host 10,000+ Species

Visitors here learn the value of diversity firsthand as the park is divided into a dozen research habitats, each with a specific set of species native to that region. For example, the North American Woodland area nurtures trees and bushes not found in Europe for study. Tropical island greenery is found in the greenhouses on the property, with many colorful flowers and nervous butterflies to enjoy. The desert environment reveals a collection of hearty succulents, thorny shrubs, and cacti to avoid. In contrast, the water gardens are delightful, – with soft mosses, delicate lilies, elegant lotus blooms, and frenetic whirligigs dancing amongst the cattails. In most cases, the distinctive features within each environment shape the plant community found there.

botanical gardens outside

UUBG Ticket Prices

  • Children aged 0 to 1 year: Free.
  • Children aged 2 to 6 years: €12.
  • Children aged 7 to 17 years: €8.
  • Adults, Parents & Caregivers: €8.

Getting to the Gardens

By Bike : Park your bike next to the entrance of the Centraal Museum or at Nicolaaskerkhof. There’s also an electric bike charging station near the entrance of Museum Centraal cafe.

By Public Transport : Take bus #2 from Utrecht Centraal station towards the Museumkwartier. You can also take the train to Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn station, and from there it’s a 10-minute walk to the museum.

By Car : Parking is limited in the city center. From the Vaartsche Rijn and Springweg parking garages, it’s a 10-minute walk. Consider using the Park & Ride facilities in Utrecht. A day ticket costs €5, and it’s valid for up to 5 people. Find more information at

Highlights of the Gardens
  • Greenhouses: Step into the warm embrace of the steamy tropical hothouses – where towering palms, exotic ferns, and vibrant orchids thrive with butterfly suitors. The humidity transports you to exotic rainforests even as it fogs your eyeglasses and curls your hair!
  • Rock Garden: Alpine plants cling to the rocky outcrops on a miniature mountain landscape called the Rock Garden, where little nooks and crannies help hide delicate flora from hungry herbivores.
  • Water Lily Pond: Adorned with floating white blooms, the water lily exhibit explores the realm of aquatic plants in a specially protected environment. The quiet atmosphere attracts water bugs, nervous birds, and buzzing insects which will delight any nature lover.
  • Carnivorous Plants: Not all plants are so delicate, the concept of meat-eating vegetation is still quite a curiosity. Here you can watch Venus flytraps snap shut on unsuspecting insects or marvel at pitcher plants sweeten the deal with their deceptive allure. Don’t worry, they don’t bite…yet.
  • The Bee Hotel: While not the best choice of accommodations for most visitors, the Bee Hotel provides a vital sanctuary for domestic pollinators with a labyrinth of honeycombs, hives, and homes for nearly 40,000 insects. The residents make a fine local honey that’s occasionally for sale in the gift shop.
Botanical Montage

Utrecht University Botanic Garden Videos

The video above has a nice musical montage of the gardens

A nice, soft musical tribute to the sanctuary

The video above has a nice musical montage of the gardens

A nice, soft musical tribute to the sanctuary