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This Green Oasis Offers a Variety of Fun Family Activities to Enjoy!

Griftpark’s Amazing Transformation

Welcome to Griftpark, an important man-made green space with a wide selection of modern amenities within a sustainable eco-friendly design. The 4,000+ acre park is the most popular in the city with more than 10 million visits annually.  It has been a favorite of Utrecht families for a generation since its incredible transformation 50 years ago.

In the 1980s, the Griftpark area was home to a gas factory and a rubbish dump, which left behind a legacy of heavy soil pollution and trash. The situation posed a real threat to public health and the environment in the inner city. The Utrecht town council elected to clean up the area with soil treatments that broke down toxins organically and built a huge mound made of isolating materials to contain the contamination. In 1995 the grounds were determined to be completely safe and the knoll was renamed ‘Prospect Hill’. It quickly became a beloved outdoor space for sporty residents, who climb the 64-meters of steps to enjoy refreshing views of the park and the city beyond.

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A Park for People, By People

Throughout the 90s the park was constantly enhanced with professional landscaping, lush green lawns, and paved walking paths. A pond for ducks, waterfowl, and other wildlife was added for sustainability, along with a 220-meter-long plant wall constructed by local environmentalists. Later, basketball courts, a skate park, a football cage, a large playground, and Peter’s Bistro – a waterside restaurant – appeared. These improvements made the park a destination for locals, students, and tourists alike, but the best was yet to come – a petting zoo especially for families.

Animals for Kids: The Griftpark Petting Zoo

Perhaps the biggest attraction now is the children’s farm and petting zoo near the Grftspeede building complex at the north end of the property. Children can interact with goats, rabbits, and other friendly animals—the perfect outing for families. There’s also a community building where classes and workshops are given, as well as a snack bar with sweet treats for children of all ages. Sorry parents, no beer!

With outdoor lighting, cameras, and security services, Griftpark welcomes visitors 24 hours a day  However, the children’s farm and community center are closed on Mondays and holidays, but are otherwise open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

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Griftpark Videos

A detailed English narration about the park in high-resolution

A soft musical tribute to the Griftpark neighborhood

A detailed English narration about the park in high-resolution

A soft musical tribute to the Griftpark neighborhood