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Welcome to Utrecht! 

My name is Lucas and I am one of the tour guides at Free Walking Tour Utrecht.
I grew up in a little city called Zeist, which is next to Utrecht. Now i have been living in Utrecht for more than 10 years, so I can call myself a real Utrechter.

I will be happy to show you around all kinds of awesome places in Utrecht and share its rich history with you on one of my tours.

Anyone who has visited Amsterdam before will notice that Utrecht looks a bit similar with its canals, but that it is less crowded and feels cozier. I am proud of my city!

Below on this page I will share with you all my favorite spots and recommendations.


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This list of recommendations I created contains restaurants, activities, and places I find the best in Utrecht.

Restaurants utrecht


A romantic french restaurant with a hidden garden right here in the city center!
Here you can have great meals and nice drinks.

Recommended to make a reservation here because it gets full pretty quickly.



An awesome german restaurant with ofcourse lots of Beer!
They have a lot of room inside, also for big groups, and even the toilets are amazing!


The greenhouse

A local restaurant a little outside the city center at the other side of the central train station.

They are known for cooking with all fresh, locally grown biological products. They also have their own greenhouse at the second floor where they get fresh herbs and vegetables for their dishes! Go and have a look.


De muntkelder

A delicious pancake restaurant right at the canals in the city center!

They even have an option for unlimited pancake eating some days from Monday till Thursday!



This is a nice greek restaurant, located in the city center near the canals.
Great food and every Friday evening they have live music with belly dancers!



A great vegetarian and vegan restaurant!
They serve yummy pizza’s, pasta’s, sandwiches, bowls, and smoothies

Next to Neude square so it is centrally located.


Bars and clubs in Utrecht


Nowadays it is a Belgium beer cafe but before this used to be a hidden church which I will tell you about on my tour!

Here you can have all kinds of bears and a good meal. Also, have a look at the amazing ceiling and church organ that is still there.



Awesome bar and restaurant where they organize comedy nights, live music nights, and jazz nights.

They also have a nice terrace and serve a favorite beer of mine: Grimbergen


Tivoli vredenburg

This is the largest event building you will find in Utrecht, right next to the station.

Every day and night there is something to do here like: concerts and festivals, theater plays and famous artists performing here live.


Ome Willem

This is the best karaoke bar in Utrecht!

It is a small cafe so be on time, but they have a lot of songs to sing along with and also a lot of drinks
Enjoy your evening and sing the night away!



A fantastic shooter bar to try out all kinds of different shots.

Try ordering a harry potter shot that comes with a lot of fireworks or a bananenkop!
If you don’t like shots the no worries, they also have other drinks


Rum Club

Here they serve amazing cocktails and it is centrally located at the old canals!

Order what they have on the menu or just ask them to create something that suits you.
They also serve delicious food


Other spots

Keek bakery

This bakery is one of the only ones in Utrecht that still make their own croissants, which takes 2 to 3 days!

They also have a lot of other yummy cakes and baked goods, spread out over 3 different locations, enjoy!


Canoe and pancake

A really fun thing to do is to rent a canoe, paddle towards a beautiful green area called “Amelisweerd” and then have a pancake for lunch at the nicely situated restaurant called “Theehuis Rhijnauwen”.

Website canoe rental:

Website pancake restaurant:

Ping Pong Club

Ever wanted to do something else with your friends instead of bowling?

Now you can go to the ping pong club! Here you rent a table for an hour and can play ping pong and have some nice drinks!


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