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Why did you became a tourguide?

I became a tour guide because I am absolutely in love with Utrecht! Therefore I really enjoy to share this love, show people around and tell them all about what this city has to offer.

What is your favorite place to hang out?

Being a surfer I also really like SOIA, which is the urban beach of Utrecht. At this special place with view on the canal you can have lunch, dinner or a drink.  

Absolutely the best place for a coffee break?

The village, absolutely the best place for drinking and restocking coffee beans!

What is the best bar in town to enjoy a beer or a wine?

My favorite spot is Vinvin, I even heard that it is awarded as the best wine bar of the Netherlands in 2019!

What place would you recommend for a romantic date?

I like to bring my girlfriend to Le Clochard. With its indoor fire place and many cande lights you find yourself in a medieval tavern. Perfect for a date night.

Where should the sporty types defintely go?

If you want to paddle trough the city center you can rent a canoe or a kayak, my advice would be to paddle to Rhijnauwen you will be surrounded by beautiful nature.

Where would you go if you are an adventure seeker?

I personally think it can already be an adventure to cross the city centre on a bike. It can be quite a challenge to do this without being injured! For the ultimate Dutch experience you can rent a tandem bike. They are for rent at many locations. 

Where in Utrecht can you appreciate the beauty of nature?

The Soesterduinen with its forest and dunes is the perfect spot to have a walk or even better: a picknick. The last requires a bit more preparation (pack a blanket, buy a bottle of wine and prepare a pasta salad) but is absolutely worth the effort.

Any advice for a day of fun when you are on a family vacation?

At GreenJoy you can rent a silent electric boat and sail through the canals of Utrecht. Prices depend on the day and time but go from 30 euro per hour for a boat that fits 8 persons.

According to you what is the best cheap activity in Utrecht?

Join the Utrecht Skate Parade for free (every Friday 19:45, May-September). Skates are for rent at location.

What is a great place to shop according to you?

Revenge, affordable yet unique clothes but also shoes. There is even an option to get your hair done at their hair salon.

Do you know any nice vegetarian restaurants?

Yes! Utrecht actually has a few. WakuWaku is one of them. 

What is the best place in Utrecht to go for a walk?

Good question! Have you always dreamt of being a knight or a lady? If so, than castle the Haar is great to bring that dream to live. Here you can discover its rich history, exhibitions and gardens of this magical castle just outside Utrecht.

And what is the best place to enjoy music?

I always love to eat my lunch at the free lunch break concert (almost every Friday) at Tivoli Vredenburg. Make sure to reserve a ticket online.

What do you think is the best Dutch snack and where can these be found?

At Theehuis (literally tea house) Rhijnauwen you can find the best typical Dutch pancakes. It is located in a beautiful forest and therefore offers a great view when eating. Best thing is that this tea house can be reached when traveling from the city center via boat or canoe.

When you are a real culture freak, where would you go?

DOMunder is a historic attraction in the center of Utrecht. With a intelligent flashlight you go underground to discover the rich history of Utrecht. Suited for young and old!

Best place to be after midnight (where are the parties)?

I am not much of a party type. But what I can recommend at this time of the day is to walk the light art trail of Utrecht. This unique expedition leads you to 19 works of light art in the city centre of Utrecht. You can use the free Trajectum Lumen app to guide you through this artistic journey in the dark.

According to you, what is the hidden gem of Utrecht?

Last but absolutely not least: go star gazing at the observatory of Utrecht. You can visit the museum but what is most is amazing is to observe the Universe through a gigantic telescope.

Utrecht Timeline of Justus

In 1989, I was born in Ermelo a small town about a 45 minute drive from Utrecht.
First time visited Utrecht
In 1999 my aunt toke me to Utrecht for the very first time, we went shopping and climbed the dom tower.
Started my Study in Utrecht
In september 2007 I started my study commercial economics in Utrecht.
Moving to Utrecht
In 2009 I got very lucky and got my own little studio in Utrecht!
Becoming a Tour guide
Together with my friend Tim (also a tourguide) we started Free Walking Tour Utrecht!