Welcome to Maximina Park in Utrecht

Welcome to Maximina Park in Utrecht

Come And Discover The Dom City’s Newest and Largest Public Park

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Over 700 Acres of Parkland to Explore

Máximapark, an expansive green space nestled within the Leidsche Rijn district of Utrecht, was created in 2013 as a testament to the harmonious coexistence between nature and community. Spanning an impressive 3 million square meters, this park is not merely a recreational space; it’s a vibrant community hub where people come together to connect with nature and each other

Origins and Vision

The Máximapark project took root in 2007 and blossomed over time, culminating in its completion six years later. Its overarching goal was to create a sustainable, social, and ecological haven that actively involves citizens in its development and maintenance. As one of the largest city parks in the Netherlands, it seamlessly blends eco-friendly elements that enhance both biodiversity and human well-being.

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Features and Services

Visitors can enjoy a diverse collection of new sustainable amenities offered

Het Bosspeeltuin (Forest Playground) – Children under 12 can revel in this forest playground oasis, where imagination takes flight among the trees. It’s a safe, fenced-in play space to explore on a base of soft sand. Wooden play structures encourage cooperative fun and dynamic adventures with friends.

De Binnenhof: This area serves as the heart of Máximapark, covering more than 100 acres that includes several elegant bridges, a lily pond, a Japanese garden, and stately avenues lined with beech and elm trees. Over 4 kilometers of shaded, paved paths are available for strolling, biking, skating and running.

De Vlinderhof (Butterfly Garden) – Within the Binnenhof is another delightful addition to the property, the butterfly garden. It was first designed in 2008 by renowned landscape architect Piet Oudolf to support local biodiversity. Here, colorful blooms attract fluttering visitors, creating a serene oasis within the urban landscape. it’s part of a thriving green corridor that winds through the park, providing habitat for diverse flora and fauna. It’s also a testament to the park’s commitment to biodiversity conservation.

Het Parkpergola – This honeycomb-like structure stands 6 meters (20 feet) tall and encompasses a one-kilometer space with nearly four kilometers of retaining wall. The structure is adorned with climbing plants, flowering runners, vining vegetables, berries, and wine grapes. Nesting boxes provide shelter for bees, birds, and bats. The pergola was partially funded through a European sustainability subsidy in 2007, with the completion funds from Utrecht in 2009.

Recreational Facilities – The park caters to a diverse range of recreational activities. Fitness buffs can use the outdoor fitness equipment provided for a personal workout or join free calisthenics workshops and boot camps available year-round. Sports fans can play volleyball, badminton, football, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, and other team activities. Individuals can try cycling, jogging, fishing, yoga, or even meditation at certain quiet spots. Chess tables are also available near the Japanese garden entrance – ask for pieces at the nearby Anafora restaurant.

Het Vikingrijn – Set up to follow an old riverbed, this 4-kilometer-long canal is up to 30 meters wide at some points. It offers the opportunity for small, motorless rental boats to navigate the entire length of the waterway under the shade trees. There are scenic walks along its natural banks where you can bird watch, fish, or just zone out. City leaders are proud the restoration of this canal within the park improves water management, ensuring sustainable use and ecological balance for the region.

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The Beating Heart of Leidsche Rijn

Máximapark isn’t just a green lung; it’s the pulsating heart of the Leidsche Rijn neighborhood. Its sheer size rivals that of Utrecht’s city center, making it a place where families gather, friends meet, and nature enthusiasts find solace. Citizens actively participate in the park’s upkeep through community gardening. They cultivate plants, share knowledge, and foster a sense of ownership.. In the spirit of this participation, come and celebrate Máximapark—a living testament to the harmonious coexistence of people, nature, and history.

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Maximina Park Videos

The video above has a nice overview set to country music

Incredible aerial shots of Maximina Park in the morning

The video above has a nice overview set to country music

Incredible aerial shots of Maximina Park in the morning