About the tour

Everything you need to know about Free Red Light District Tours operations.

What will see on the Free Tour?

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There is a lot happening in the Red Light District.  In 2 hours, we aim to show you: Amsterdam's First Condom Shop Amsterdams oldest house Red lights (and blue!) Window Brothels Amsterdams last peep show Sex theatres and so much more.....

What is The Free Tour system?

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This is the title given to tours that work on a donation basis (at the end you can give the guide what you feel the tour was worth). In our small company, we are confident enough to let you decide the value of the tour. You can not get a fairer system and this ensures [...]

So how do you guys make money?

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The only source of income the guides have is the tips that generous people think that they’re worth after having taken the awesome tour. We don’t get sponsored by the city or anyone else. Any tip is accepted of course, in this way, anyone can join no matter what your travel budget is. [...]

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